VMI+ is UPPRO’s end-to-end Supply Chain Management (SCM) service, which is enriched with top-tier supplier management, integrated with additional services and complemented by a unique client commitment.

UPPRO’s professional and comprehensive VMI view enables manufacturers to gain end-to-end supply chain control and visibility, reduce inventory costs, minimize risks and optimize business processes.

This is UPPRO VMI+

  • The achievement of inventory optimization KPIs across supply chains
  • The ability to tap into best practices and apply learning to all supplier and partner relationships
  • A proactive contribution to clients’ operational and financial performance by combining supplier management with the VMI model
  • Cost-effective and predictable expenditures
  • Optional on-site inventory planners and buyers who work full-time at the client’s facility managing the inventory stipulated by their VMI contract
  • Expert staff that organize and lead teams to manage suppliers, procurement, logistics and warehousing functions
  • Options for consignment and additional financing solutions
  • Centralized accounting services for supplier management and logistics management
  • 24/7 emergency part ordering, with visibility across worldwide depot locations
  • Accountability for responsiveness and high performance – from forecast to reverse logistics and warehousing

VMI+ is an integrated, state-of-the-art solution for manufacturers that also addresses suppliers’ needs. VMI+ manages and measures all supply chain nodes and stages, and optimizes every inventory movement and transaction. The results reduce cost of ownership and deeply impact our clients’ business. It’s robust and effective. Very effective.