Services - Technical Services

Relying on proven network talent pools, UPPRO recruits professional personnel who can perform in extremely competitive market sectors.

Manufacturing and tech industries rely on high-quality managers, project leaders and technicians who can perform at a high level. The human factor is key to success. Yet technical staffing remains a challenge for many corporations – even the most stable and successful.

At UPPRO, we implement staffing strategies that facilitate flexibility in accordance with volatile production trends. We initiate a quick & effective response to changes in staff needs and production requirements. Initially, we meet with our clients to learn about their staffing needs. Once we have their needs firmly outlined, we set out to recruit the most appropriate staff for both the short and long-term missions at hand.

In today’s dynamic work environments, our goal is to remain responsive and adapt to our client’s needs. We employ a proactive approach and exhibit a sense of urgency when necessary. Whether our clients need temporary employees or full-time staff, we do our very best to ensure success.

Based on our clients’ needs, we can provide trained and certified staff via a managed service model. We can recruit managers and technicians on a temp-to-hire basis. And we can also provide comprehensive placement services. Each chosen solution is cost-effective and aligned with competitive market requirements.

Our Resources

UPPRO augments its local resources with its veteran in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who provide experienced on-site management and support. In addition, we operate a Talent Management System that includes over 4000 advanced technology professionals worldwide. This means that we can readily access the right talent to support client needs – both locally and globally.

Our Health & Safety Policy

UPPRO does everything in its power to ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees and contractors. A safe working environment is more than just a legal necessity; it reduces accidents and ill-health, promotes job satisfaction and influences overall performance.

UPPRO’s global end-to-end construction and facilities management services ensure its clients’ projects are realized in optimal fashion. 

Technology manufacturers require top level facilities. When a decision to embark on a construction project has been made, it must be executed with maximum efficiency – without compromising quality or safety. That’s where UPPRO comes in.

UPPRO offers its clients comprehensive construction and facilities management services. Our expertise includes ongoing site maintenance, service and logistics for fabs and subfabs. First off, we meet with our clients and define their precise needs. Then we set out to review and hire seasoned engineers, planners, managers and professionals that answer the project’s specific requirements. Once onsite, we make sure to work in accordance with our clients’ stringent quality control and health & safety policies.

Operating in partnership with KVL in China, our goal is to make sure that each construction project under our management is executed in time-efficient and safe fashion. This means that we’re quick to source the right personnel, quick to begin implementation and quick to provide added value that exceeds expectations.

Our Resources

UPPRO’s Talent Management System gives us access to over 4000 advanced technology professionals worldwide, from which we can carefully select the appropriate personnel for the project at hand. Our global talent system is complemented by our veteran in-house Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), who are skilled and experienced in a wide range of on-site management and support methodologies – and ensure that everything runs like clockwork.

Our Health & Safety Policy

Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees and contractors is a top priority. We’re committed to providing a safe working environment that reduces accidents and ill-health, promotes job satisfaction and enhances overall performance.