Services - Supplier management

UPPRO consolidates supplier networks for organizations, acting as their sole partner to eliminate supply chain complexities and assure continuous supplier performance improvement. 

Organizations are constantly trying to reduce supply chain uncertainty and enhance visibility. Supply chains often include numerous soft spots, but they can be strengthened by creating collaborative relationships with suppliers. This is where UPPRO’s expertise comes in handy.

Proactive management for better decision-making

UPPRO proactively manages and measures suppliers for its clients. Through ongoing qualification and performance monitoring directed by customer objectives, UPPRO effectively streamlines vendor qualification, administration and assessment.

Supplier management greatly benefits organizations. Monitoring the registration and review of prospective suppliers enables cross-functional performance evaluation. Feedback sharing helps confirm that suppliers have met purchase order conditions and quality requirements. Effective sharing of sales and inventory data helps develop clear inventory strategies.

Yet supplier management also benefits suppliers. At UPPRO, we create stronger sourcing relationships, facilitate communication bridges and encourage efficient decision-making. By ensuring that all inventory is delivered to required locations with reliable service performance excellence, we help enhance supplier performance.

Supplier Management – Main Benefits

  • Single vendor relationship: Interaction with one UPPRO account manager instead of hundreds of suppliers.
  • Purchasing process control: Helps ensure that suppliers meet planning requirements and service level agreements (SLA), including company specifications, quantities ordered and delivery dates.
  • Supplier review & management: Continuous supplier performance and improvement monitoring. Advanced performance evaluation and scoring ensures that clients are always aware of supplier risk levels.
  • Risk mitigation & rapid response to potential disruption: Alerts, active contingency plans, profile management, risk-driven supplier segmentation, and third-party suppliers when required.

Value-Based Integrated Services

In addition to supplier management, UPPRO also provides commercial management, inventory management and logistics management that reduces total cost of ownership. The objective of this comprehensive and integrated service is to control all inventory transactions and touch points, thus eliminating supply chain waste and optimizing every opportunity for increased value.