Inventory management - Monitoring

To ensure production forecasts and requirements are met, UPPRO offers targeted monitoring within the UPPRO Inventory Management service. UPPRO can help by capturing actionable data to support your critical decision-making. Monitoring and analyzing the data are complementary to the planning process to provide a comprehensive and integrated inventory management service.

Inventory Monitoring Services:

  • Provide holistic view and accountability for the supply chain, process efficiency, and order outcomes.
  • Select the right KPIs and metrics to track the current status of shipments, monitor inventory levels and ensure that all orders shipped are completely accurate.
  • Correlate the flood of production-related data into more predictive analytics and actionable information
  • Monitor actual part usage, targeting when to replenish on-site stock
  • Receive early warning on process performance metrics to remain proactive


Achieving KPIs to ensure peak performance across demand, supply chain costs, assets, and market
expectations is UPPROs responsibility as your managed inventory service provider.